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The invoice can be issued:

  • Based on another document, for example the invoice can be issued when a POS order is cashed;
  • Based on the current material stock;
  • Free editing the invoice lines (in this case, products will be created in the database and set as services);
  • Based on a contract (one time, recursively);
  • … and many more;

Invoicing from POS

In the POS screen (and also in the ERP back office screen), if you have the proper role, you can issue an invoice for an existing sales receipt. Navigate to the Invoice screen, select the sales receipt you want to issue a invoice for and click Invoice Receipt.

Sales receipt projection

The fields on the invoice will be automatically populated with the same lines, taxes and totals present on the Sales Receipt. Select a customer (if none is already selected) and click Next to parse the fields by the Invoicing engine, then click Save to save the invoice.

Invoice of a sales receipt

After issuing, an invoice can’t be deleted, it can only be reversed because of the consecutive numbers assigned.

You can edit an invoice until the end of the month, but be careful to send it to the customer if you edit the document.