ERP Core API reference

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    1.1. Implementation The API should provide CRUD operations along with ERP specific implementations. The API should be implemented in such a way to express screen models configured on the backend. Use Feathers JS…

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    Storage service

    1.1. Storage service This service stores files on FTP, local, etc. This service stores stored files information in a DB table (documents table). The folders should be named as the entity types for…

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    1.1. Event sourcing https://www.confluent.io/blog/apache-kafka-for-service-architectures/ Events should have: a unique ID, message version, schema version, the name of the service that raised the event, data. The most common approach for handling breaking changes like…

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    Microservice Events All database access will raise events, especially the writes. This has to be implemented (or override) in the base implementation of the ORM. The cache system will listen for these events…

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    1.1.1. Log table All transactions should generate events, and the events stored in an event store. The transactions (API calls, ORM calls etc.) can be stored in a NOSQL database and analyzed in…

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    Some fields and entities could be marked as cacheable. Those entities will be refreshed when a modify operation took place on that specific entity. For example, an updated event is raised for an…