• Mobile POS Order Screen
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    Mobile POS

    The waiters and other mobile staff can create orders from the Mobile POS screen. The screen can be accessed from any mobile phone’s browser and provides a simplified interface of the main POS…

  • Ui

    Home screen

    You can add user’s shortcuts to the home screen. Each user can configure its own home screen according to their needs, for example a manager can add shortcuts to analytics reports while a…

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    Nutritional values calculator

    ERP Core dispune de calculator pentru valorile nutritionale ale produselor cu reteta. In documentul de la sfarsitul paginii aveți cateva documente al unui calcul complet. Raportul pentru calculul valorilor nutritionale este detaliat pentru…

  • Ui


    The ERP system features a POS implementation. It is web based and can run on any device with a web browser.

  • Ui


    The UI should be able to autogenerate menus, forms, tables and so on according to the current user’s credentials (role). It will have to cache data marked as cacheable and update it when…