Home screen

You can add user’s shortcuts to the home screen. Each user can configure its own home screen according to their needs, for example a manager can add shortcuts to analytics reports while a warehouse worker can add shortcuts to the bar code scanner and stock management applications.

The shortcut items use different background colors according to their functionality (RFC, projections, entities, analytics etc.). The icons and their colors are customizable in the backend.

The sidebar menu features a search box (click on the search icon to display it) used to search for items in the side menu. The search uses the CONTAINS logic and it is NOT FUZZY. You need to press the Enter key to search after entering the text. It uses the displayed text, the data type name and the tooltip fields to search for the items.

Home screen

The home screen is mobile optimised in order to be easy for users to access ERP functionality easely.

Home screen on a mobile screen

For example, this is how a report would look in a mobile environment vs. a desktop environment:

Report screen on a mobile device

Report screen on desktop