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Organizational Structure

In ERP Core the organization is organized hierarchically into organizational entities. The Organizational Entity allows to create a structured layout of the organization according to the responsibility levels and hierarchy.

Each Organizational Entity is a typed node and can have multiple types, multiple parents and multiple children (diamond node). The Organizational Entity also has EAVs assigned to them.

All of the organization’s business entities must have a reference to one Organizational Entity node.

The Organizational Entity model (diamond typed node)

For example, a Group can have many companies. Each company will have its own Financial Accounting Unit (that holds financial data, transactions and other legal documents), which in term will have Sales Organizations that have Distribution Channels and so on.

Each of the Organization Entities have their own Business Partner.

Example of an organization layout from an organizational entity perspective

The organization nodes relationships can be configured using the Business Partner‘s Organizational Relationships property.