Sales and Distribution,  Warehouse

Month closing

Before you can report a month’s transactions (calculate the goods stock level and goods transactions), you need to ensure that all the Goods Issue jobs were completed successfully or that all the sales documents generated the goods issues. In order to do that, run the BOM Goods Issue (Sales -> Production) STEP 1 (job). If all the jobs that were supposed to run on each day closure finished successfully, no records will be found and the job will finish immediately, otherwise wait for the job to finish (that means that some goods issue jobs didn’t run of finished with errors).

After running this job, you can proceed with step 2, by running the Goods Receipt Reconciliation (Production -> Warehouse) STEP 2 (job). You need to set a number of goods issue sets to be processed. The program will process starting at the last Goods Issue found that doesn’t have a Goods Reconciliation record attached. You need to run this program until you reach the end of the month or until no records are found anymore. By setting the number of processed records high will increase the jobs’s run time. The program saves to the database after each successful record processed, so in case of a failure it will start processing where it left off.